Sunday, July 30, 2006

If it wasn't for luck I would win everytime.

So I went and watched Superman Returns at the cinema the other night, I could have gone to a house party a friend was having but him and all his mates are all stonners and I couldn't be bothered to be around them when they are in that state or worse.......

Anyway I thought the film wasn't bad can't say I would like to watch it again but it filled up an evening. Althought the reasons why hollywood always insists on turning perfectly good movies into bible epics I will never understand. The man who died to save all humanity and then was ressurected hmmmmm does it ring any bells I wonder. Perhaps it has to do with the ever increasing rise of the Christian right in American politics and ideology who knows.

Anyway I've had a good few poker sessions lately. Currently my bankroll stands at $180. I made quads in holdem the other day and got paid of by king high and queen high although there was a full house on board by the river I don't know if they thought their hands were good to start with or if they were fishing but I appreciated their donations none the less.
And earlier today I flopped a full house in omaha and got all the money in on the flop against another guy holding the same house however things went my way when I turned a bigger full house. It has happened to me quite a few times and today was my turn I suppose. I think the thing that I have improved most in my game lately is the ability to lay down a good hand when I'm quite sure I'm beat; that used to get me into a lot of trouble before.

Anyway I've also been watching some episodes of high stakes poker and although I'm sure lots of people get annoyed by Daniel Negreanu's impressions of Mihn Ly I have found them to be rather comical. I have also gained a huge respect for Phil Laak's solid and very profitable game. It's interesting the way the tv companies portray poker and how playing a good solid game is almost discouraged by them simply because they want to make the show more interesting and excititng for viewers with no regard for the fact that small fortunes are won and lost in each hand. This extends beyond high stakes poker and includes most poker tv shows.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hmmmm....opening comments.

I never used to like english when I was at school; I suppose its because you had to organise your thoughts before writing essays and thats not how my mind works; random stuff just floats about. How this is relevant to blogging is as follows this is my first ever blog, I haven't had a lot to do lately so I thought I would try it, and secondly the fact that coming up with something coherent isn't as straight forward as it seemed when I had the idea.

Now this blog is probably going to be quite poker related although general stuff will appear form time to time as well.

Currently I play poker online on PokerStars very good site or at least I like it.

So going back about a month or so I had finished uni and had very little to do with my time while I looked for a job and equally no money to speak of having almost maxed my overdraft and credit card. So I decided to see if I had any money left in my stars account and did find about $15. With which I decided to try my luck (I suppose I should say luck/skill but with that amount it's basically luck). Sat down at a 10cent/25cent omaha table and didn't do so well to start with and went down to $5 then managed a double up and a comeback and cashed out about $40.

At that point I decided to see if I could grind my way to a decent bankroll. Technically you are not supposed to play with more than 5% of your current bankroll at one time but grinding at 1cent /2cent I considered below me so I moved down to 5cent/10cent at least there I had 4 buyins.

Anyway several ups and downs later yesterday I reached the nice round number of $140. I like round numbers to the point that I even sent one of my friends $0.02 just so as to get such a number.

Just a quick hand analysis of one that I played yesterday. I find Jh8h on the button and there are a few limpers and the cutoff raises to 3bb. So i decided to call with position and because I just thought my hand looked pretty and had potetial. Everyone else folded and we took a flop of 10h3h7d. I immediately thought jackpot, having flopped a monster draw, now my opponent bet out about pot and I had to decide how to play. I'm not keen on the call and try to catch your card approach if your opponent has top pair or an overpair you call and get lucky and make your had it's going to be difficult to make more money out of him/her unless they are a paticularly bad player. So I decided to raise to try and build the pot but also to see if he had a hand or just two big cards that missed the board. I raised min by accident and he called so I still wasn't sure what he had but I thought that I was probably favourite. The turn came the Js and he bet out again and I raised all in for like another $2. The guy thought and thought for ages and called I suppose he had to call only another $2 into about a $16 pot by this point. At that point I was sure I had the best hand river came the 2d and he showed As10s giving me a nice pot. According to odds calculator I was a 54% favourite on the flop and a 91% favorite on the turn. So the best hand won.

Enough rambling for one day.